Rachel, 2023
66.675 cm (26.25 in) x 104.775 cm (41.25 in)
tar, raw canvas, polypropylene rope
is Fadugbagbe’s first experimentation with minimalist portraiture. 
Influenced by rückenfigure, the artist took the hair measurement of his sister,
the piece’s namesake, cut diamond-braided rope to length and tarred it over raw canvas.
Process I, 2023
228.6 cm (90 in) x 60.96 cm (24 in)
tar, wood panel, polyprolyene rope
Materials contain complex histories. Rope is camping, hanging, rock climbing, bondage.
 Tar is roads, urbanization, taring and feathering. Engaging with these histories and materials is my artistic practice. 
A continual process of experimentation which I leave evidence of in my work.
Process I, 2023
Installation view